Founded in the year 1984 by Dr. Steve Wong, Fukutomi is one of very few successful companies in Hong Kong that started from scratch and expanded into a conglomerate. Benefiting from China’s rapid growth in manufacturing and exports since the 1980s, Fukutomi was able to establish itself as a top player in the international plastic scrap market.

Envisioned by Dr. Wong’s strategy to assemble a comprehensive and reliable global supply network, associate companies and affiliates were set up over the last few decades at locations encompassing fifteen countries across Europe, Asia, U.S., Australia, and South Africa reinforced a complete business stream with integrated operations. With the mission of reuse and recycle becoming a common concept for major corporations and brand owners, the use of recycled plastic resins are growing as an effective means to achieving Corporate Social Responsibility, most commonly EPR (extended producer responsibility) and PCR (post-consumer recycle). Nowadays, as mentioned above, using recycled plastic resins are an effective means for achieving EPR and PCR, with Fukutomi operating as a part of the supply chain, it has a vital role to play. To perform a “close-the-loop” operation, Fukutomi realized the importance to manufacture its own products made from recycled materials. Fukutomi Merchandising Company Limited and a manufactory were set up in year 2003 and 2006 respectively to manufacture and distribute finished products which include plastic pallet, plastic sheet for packaging, biodegradable products on golf tees and flower pots. Such products are exported to the U.S., Europe, and other markets. On the distribution of recycled resins to manufacturers for products and plastic materials suppliers, plastic compounding and pelletizing are conducted at our factories in both of Hong Kong and China according to application and specification of different plastic materials required by buyers. The factories are equipped with full-fledged processing machines for sorting, crushing, separation, washing and pelletization of PP, PE and other styrenics recycling.

In addition to the “ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System” and “ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System” certificates for which Fukutomi was accredited in 2010, Fukutomi. also received the “Recycled Material Verification Statement” issued by TUV Rheinland in 2011.

With the branching out of production facilities by some manufacturers to South-east Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. in recent years, raw materials demand is also increasing in these countries for which we cannot ignore. In cooperation with processing factories in such markets, we have diversified our business and operations to alleviate our concentration on one market - China. Depending on the market demand and environmental policy, different plastic scraps are placed according to the product lines and capacities of our processing factories. The niche market of this dimension can hopefully serve as a growth area with much potential in the future.




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The Delta Variant

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