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(1) Plastics pallets & containers
We currently focus on manufacturing industrial-use plastic pallets for the European, American and Asian markets, and will develop and design more models in response to customers’ needs and market evolution. Large-scale injection-molding machines with clamping force up to 2800MT will run to manufacture pallets in various designs in order to promote Fukutomi products into different market horizons.
(2) Thermoforming and Calendaring Products
By using biodegradable PLA or other recycled material such as PET to manufacture plastic blister applying in packaging industry through the process of thermoforming and calendaring.
(3) Products from Injection Molding
High speed thin wall injection molding machine with clamping force of 220MT were installed and we have developed a series of PP thin wall lunch boxes so as to diversify our production. Moreover, PLA is utilized for producing various injection molding products according to customers’ demand, such as flowerpots, golf tees and urns etc.
(4) Mold Making Workshop
In order to catch up with the market’s product development trend, a mold making workshop is installed in the GST Park to explore various new products for our international clients. Our company’s Research & Development Department strives to exploit new plastics products with revolutionary design so as to provide customers with “One-Stop” service from research, design, production, sales and consultation service after sales. Our molding room was designed following the internationally recognized CAD/CAM/CAE systems and well-equipped with a series of advanced production and testing instruments, facilitated by a precise and efficient production flow, including the procedures of :1) concept mapping and designing; 2) conceptual drawing; 3) sample making; 4) engineering and structural design; 5) mold design; 6) mold making. 3D design drawings and mock injection molding processes are conducted by using advanced softwares. During the mold production process, well developed testing instruments such as coordinate measuring machine and projector are utilized for examining material strength and controlling material quality. We are now producing molds of different sizes from small injection products such as cutlery to large products such as pallet.
(5) Polylactic Acid (PLA) Products
PLA products are environmental friendly as they will decompose in soil after several weeks, under certain temperature of humidity.
(6) Compounding of Engineering Plastic
We have been handling different kinds of engineering plastics for number of years. We will further develop by compounding various engineering plastics by ourselves according to our customers’ requirement.
(7) Multimedia Packaging Products
Manufacturing of CD & DVD plastic packaging boxes will be further expanded in the GST Park. Besides using prime Polypropylene, we will also utilize recycled Polypropylene in the production of products in order to maximize use of resources.
(8) Technology Research & Product Testing Laboratory
GST Park is well equipped with advanced material and product testing machines in order to verify specifications on the nature of different plastic products. At the same time, we adopt "new technology, new craft" policy to invent a series of biodegradable and modified plastic products so as to catch up the market trend. Our development objective and investment in technological research founded a strong platform for our long term development.

Calendering Machine for PLA or PET sheet

Extrusion Machine for producing recycled pellets

Injection Molding Machine for Pallets Production

Mold Making Workshop for design and making molds

Laboratory for testing materials and products





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